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RIGHT TO RESIDE: The Landlord has a legal responsibility to check all persons over the age of 18 have a right to reside in the UK. It is therefore important that ALL OCCUPANTS are named on this application form. All occupants over 18 or will be 18 during the tenancy term will need to provide suitable documentation to verify their right to reside in the UK.

This form is for not intended for use by a company. If you are a company, then please click here to be redirected to the relevant form.

If you are on a low income, in receipt of Housing Benefit or any applicant is aged under 21, you will need a guarantor to support your application. DO NOT submit your application without entering the details of your guarantor, otherwise you will be required to resubmit your application. Please call us on 01642 885511 if you have any questions before submitting your application.

It is important that ALL questions are answered as accurately as possible and complete the questions to the best of your knowledge.

Please read our TERMS and CONDITIONS before submitting your form.

Please note that the application will not be processed until the application form and correct fees have been paid.

Once accepted, you will then be expected to pay the first month's rent in order to hold the property for up to 4 weeks.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact our Head Office on 01642 885511 or email us at

Please note that all orange boxes also marked * must be completed otherwise the application will not send.

1. property

address of rental property applied for:*

(Please call us on 01642885511 if your chosen property does not appear above)

enter rental figure/offer of rent per month: £

2. applicants - click to add second applicant 2 and/or guarantor..

full name(s):*

previous name(s) if applicable eg.maiden name:*

date of birth:
Applicant 1-Date of birth:
Applicant 2-Date of birth:
Guarantor-Date of birth:
marital status:
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home tel no:
mobile tel no:
National Insurance Number:

3. employment

Employment Status:
Job Title:
When did you start ?:
Applicant 1- Start date:
Applicant 2- Start date:
Guarantor- Start date:
Employer/Company Name:
Employer's Address:
Employer's Tel No:
Employer's Fax No:
Employer's Email:
Gross Basic Salary (before tax) per year:
Gross Overtime/Bonuses per annum:
Other Income (eg. Tax Credits):
Source of this other income:

4. 3 years address history

Current Home Address:
What date did you move to this address:
Applicant 1- Date moved in:
Applicant 2- Date moved in:
Guarantor- Date moved in:
Current Residential Status:
Name of Current Landlord/Lender:
Landlord/Lender's email address:
Landlord/Lenders's Telephone Number:
Landlord/Lender's Address:
Have you ever been in arrears with your current mortgage or rental agreement ?:
4.1 please add previous address:
Previous home address:
What date did you move to this address:
Applicant 1- Date moved in:
Applicant 2- Date moved in:
Guarantor 3- Date moved in:
Residential Status at this address:

5. bank details - from which your rent will be paid.

name on bank account:
name of your bank:
address of bank:
sort code:
account no:

6. credit history.

Ever had any credit problems eg. CCJs,IVA,late payments with any credit cards, store cards or loans ?:
If yes please provide details:

7. convictions.

Have you ever had been convicted of an offence other than driving ?:
If yes, please provide brief details:

8. pets.

Do you have any pets ?:
If yes, please provide brief details:

9. other occupants. Please provide details of all other persons that will be living in the property.

Date of birth
Occupant 1:
Date of birth:
Occupant 2:
Occupant 3:
Occupant 4:
Occupant 5:
Occupant 6:

10. please answer the following security question.

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11. declaration and authority.

By submitting this appication I/We hereby authorise Jones Estate Agents to make any enquiries considered necessary to substantiate information supplied on this application. I/We authorise you to disclose any information about me and my account to Jones Estate Agents, who may retain a record of such a search. I/We give my permission to take up all necessary references and that these may be shown to a Landlord and/or their lender. I/We confirm that the information supplied is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. I / We understand that any fees paid as part of the application process are non‐refundable.

IMPORTANT - Please download the following documents which form part of the requirements under current Tenancy Law. These documents are in a .pdf format. You may need a suitable reader such as Adobe Reader:

- I / We have received a copy of the Information for tenants leaflet provided by the Deposit Protection Custodial Scheme. Click to download Information for Tenants Leaflet.
- I / We have received a copy of the DPS Custodial Scheme Terms and Conditions. Click to download DPS Terms and Conditions.
- I / We have received a copy of the 'How to rent Booklet'.Click to download Download How to Rent Booklet.
- I have read the information on the Right to Rent and will provide confirmation of my/our eligibility to rent in the UK. Click to more information

*Please tick the box to confirm you accept the terms and conditions and have downloaded the above documents:

13. submit your application...